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Oceanhood丨Qingdao 2018 annual spectrum conference

Launch:2019-08-07     browse:1334times

The exhibition to introduce

Date: October 19-22, 2018

Booth NO. 5 (opposite the tea break area)

Location: silver beach bank, silver beach road 178, huangdao district, Qingdao city, shandong province

(wyndham grand hotel, silver beach, Qingdao) 

"The 20th annual national conference on molecular spectroscopy and sponsored by the spectrum professional committee of China light society" spectrum conference 2018 "will be on October 19 to 22, 2018 was held in Qingdao in shandong province, such as sea ray electrical technology co., LTD, Shanghai will also attend the exhibition, we specially prepared you unexpected surprises, we solemnly invite you here!  

EVA3000Plus handheld Raman identification device


Applicable scope and features

Suitable for sample identification of explosives, drugs, precursor chemicals, dangerous chemicals and psychotropic drugs

1. One-key detection and recognition of Raman spectrum

2. Built-in GPS, 4G, bluetooth, wi-fi and other communication modes

3. Achieve fully independent domestic r&d and production of components

SEED785 portable Raman spectrometer


Applicable scope and features

The 785nm portable Raman spectrometer is suitable for food, medicine, security, jewelry and medical devices

1. Self-built customer database, automatic matching and Raman analysis results

2. Three-dimensional sample support can be fine-tuned to facilitate measurement

3. Standardized instrument, more reliable instrument consistency

EVA3000-OEM handheld Raman core module


Applicable scope and features

Handheld Raman research and development, testing module integration and other industrial users

1. Modular Raman laser: 0-500mW adjustable power 785nm laser, stable spectrum stable power

2. Modular Raman probe: Raman spectrum ranges from 150cm-1 to 4000-1, sensitivity >OD6

3. Modular spectrometer: Preferred for OEM and industrial integration applications, high thermal stability, serial port or USB communication

4. Professional Raman software: Fluorescence background deduction, spectral smoothing, spectral peak recognition, feature peak matching retrieval algorithm

SEED3000 portable Raman spectrometer


Applicable scope and features

It is suitable for industrial online monitoring, food safety, customs item inspection, food and drug environmental investigation, chemical logistics supervision, jewelry identification, cancer detection, nanomaterials, drug safety

1. High integration, flexible application, lightweight and convenient, convenient to carry

2. The adaptive spectral range is 100cm-1 ~ 3100cm-1

3. Equipped with probe cap, liquid sample holder and other sampling accessories

4. High stability, spectral response stability<2% @2hrs

5. High resolution, resolution < 10cm-1@full spectral range

Exhibition plan


Four red arrows point to the location: green booth no. 5

Oceanhood optoelectronic technology co., LTD. Is a professional engaged in optical instruments, optoelectronic modules, components design, research and development and production of enterprises.

The company has the world's leading semiconductor laser manufacturing, optical probe research and development and spectrum detection technology, is a professional instrument parts, design solutions, subsystems and quasi system suppliers, and has reached a high degree of cooperation with a number of domestic mainstream research and research institutions.