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Oceanhood presented at the Munich and Shanghai biochemical analysis exhibition - a wonderful review

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From October 31 to November 2, 2018, AnalyticaChina 2018 was held in Shanghai new international expo center. The Munich Shanghai analytical and biochemical exhibition is an important professional exposition and network platform in the fields of analysis, laboratory technology, diagnosis and biochemical technology in Asia. The exhibition is held every two years at Shanghai pudong new international expo center. Audiences are drawn from the chemical, medical, food, environmental and pharmaceutical industries, as well as users and decision makers in the industrial and government research sectors. Analytica China 2016 gathered more than 800 domestic and foreign exhibitors and received more than 20,000 professional visitors from more than 60 countries and regions.


As a domestic equipment research and development enterprise, Oceanhood  took the portable Raman EVA3000plus, the portable Raman seed30000-r1 and the new product 1064nm Raman spectrometer to the exhibition. The exhibits of Oceanhood are devoted to qualitative analysis of sample categories such as precursor chemicals, dangerous chemicals and psychotropic drugs, and provide solutions for food safety, drug safety, chemical logistics supervision, cancer detection and industrial online monitoring, which are recognized and concerned by the majority of scientific research workers.

Hot spot

5c9216fd36b25.jpgPeople are learning about seafood with enthusiasm 


Hands-on experience with the handheld Raman EVA3000-PLUS 


Foreign friends in understanding such as the sea product details

Hot products

EVA3000PLUS handheld Raman identification device


Suitable for sample identification of explosives, drugs, precursor chemicals, dangerous chemicals and psychotropic drugs.

SEED3000 portable Raman spectrometer


It is suitable for industrial online monitoring, food safety, customs item inspection, food and drug environmental investigation, chemical logistics supervision, jewelry identification, cancer detection, nanomaterials, drug safety

Raman structure at 1064nm 


It can be used for quick inspection in textile, chemical, food and other fields.


Raman constructed spectra at 785nm


 It can be used in qualitative analysis of material category and teaching of chemical Raman spectrum


If sea optoelectronic technology co., LTD. Is a professional engaged in optical instruments, optoelectronic modules, components design, research and development and production of enterprises. The company has the world's leading semiconductor laser manufacturing, optical probe research and development and spectrum detection technology, is a professional instrument parts, design solutions, subsystems and quasi system suppliers, and has reached a high degree of cooperation with a number of domestic mainstream research and research institutions.