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The Oceanhood was invited to attend the 22nd seminar on spectral instruments

Launch:2019-08-06     browse:1302times

The 22nd spectral instrument symposium will be held in fuyou hotel, xiamen on December 13, 2018. Shanghai ruhai optoelectronic technology co., LTD was invited to attend the symposium.

In recent years, spectral instruments have been playing an increasingly important role in environmental protection, food safety, Marine science and other fields. From a global perspective, there are numerous new technologies, new developments and new applications, which greatly promote the development and progress of spectral instruments. Therefore, this meeting is to discuss new technologies, new developments and new applications of spectral instruments in the context of globalization.

As the largest spectrum instrument supplier in the world, Shanghai ruhai optoelectronic technology co., ltd. is duty-bound to bring the latest scientific research results to share results and experience with colleagues in the industry, and jointly look forward to the bright future of this field. Currently, ruhai spectrometer has been widely used in many fields and industries such as security law enforcement, customs item supervision, gem identification, food safety, cancer diagnosis, life science, online control of medicine, biochemical analysis, chemical process control and scientific research instrument.

The following products will attend the conference in a low profile and display related applications, please stay tuned! 

一、EVA3000Plus hand-held Raman item identification device


Applicable scope and features

Suitable for sample identification of explosives, drugs, precursor chemicals, dangerous chemicals and psychotropic drugs.

1. One-key detection and recognition of Raman spectrum;

2. Built-in GPS, 4G, bluetooth, wi-fi and other communication modes;

3. Achieve fully independent domestic r&d and production of components.


二、SEED785Portable Raman spectrometer


  Applicable scope and features

The 785nm portable Raman spectrometer is suitable for food, medicine, security, jewelry and medical devices.

1. Self-built customer database, automatically matched with Raman analysis results;

2. Three-dimensional sample support can be fine-tuned to facilitate measurement;

3, instrument standardization, instrument consistency is more reliable.

三、EVA3000-OEM Handheld Raman core module


    Applicable scope and features

Handheld Raman research and development, testing module integration and other industrial users.

1. Modular Raman laser; 0-500mw adjustable type 785nm laser, stable universal stable power;

2. Modular Raman probe: Raman spectrum range 150cm-1~4000-1, sensitivity >0D6

3. Modular spectrometer: OEM and industrial integration applications first, high thermal stability, serial port or USB communication;

4. Professional Raman software: Fluorescence background deduction, spectral smoothing, spectral peak recognition, feature peak matching retrieval algorithm.

   四、SEED3000 Portable Raman spectrometer


 Applicable scope and features

It is suitable for industrial online monitoring, food safety, customs item inspection, food and drug environmental investigation, chemical logistics monitoring, jewelry identification, cancer detection, nanomaterials, drug safety.

1, highly integrated, flexible application, lightweight and convenient, convenient to carry;

2. The adaptive spectrum ranges from 100cm-1 to 3100cm-1;

3. Equipped with probe cap, liquid sample holder and other sampling accessories;

4. High stability, spectral response stability<2%@2hrs;

5. High resolution, with resolution<10cm-1@ full spectral range.