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Oceanhood┠Shanghai Munich light expo new products debut!

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Shanghai Munich light fair is about to open, for example, as a senior domestic instrument and equipment supplier, haicoptoelectronics has participated in this event for many years, each time bringing you a different surprise.

This exhibition is mainly used in the fields of food safety inspection, jewelry and jade identification, early cancer diagnosis, biological medicine, pharmaceutical industry raw and excient drugs authenticity identification and public safety. In addition to some hot products, there are some new faces.


The new product


Surface spectrometer

 Used for field measurement and research on soil crops, Marine and inland water quality, forestry and ecology. The detector's quantum effect can reach up to 60%, and its near-infrared response is 3-5 times higher than traditional detectors.


 Internal core of handheld Raman spectrometer

It supports bluetooth communication and mobile phone and tablet communication. It is suitable for sample identification of food safety, explosives, drugs, precursor chemicals, dangerous chemicals and psychotropic drugs.


  Fiber optic spectrometer

Can achieve stable Raman spectrum measurement at 0-40℃, suitable for OEM application requirements, widely used in the customs item identification, drug rapid inspection, jewelry identification and other fields.


Portable Raman spectrometer at 1064nm

The optimized design enables the spectrometer to have high signal-to-noise ratio, wide spectral range (200-4000cm-1) and excellent performance of high resolution. The spectral characteristics of defluorescence enable the spectrometer to perform well in the Raman measurement scene with high fluorescence background. With a spectrum range of 900-1700nm, it can be used for near-infrared measurement.

New solutions



Reinforcing reagent GE-1


Method sensitivity


Method universality

Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Our company, on the basis of complete equipment and hardware, combined with mature algorithm support, launched integrated SERS detection solution, applying in the field of food safety detection. A key detection, bisphenol A, fruits and vegetables carbendazim, food health products, all kinds of illegal additives can not escape.


Raman spectrometer cloud platform


Raman spectrometer cloud platform has the functions of Raman data analysis and control, and can realize the functions of Raman spectrum spectrum collection, noise reduction, analysis, access, management, equipment registration and user rights management. In the application of drug detection, it can enrich the role of drug database, drug traceability, drug mixture algorithm optimization and detection algorithm optimization.



During the exhibition, go to the booth W4 hall 4420, if you pay attention to the public number, you can receive a beautiful gift. If you can complete the answer sheet, you can participate in the lottery. The winning rate is 100%. Lottery rules:

Follow the public number -- exhibition you want to see -- raffle gifts

Awards screenshots to the booth to receive gifts!


Be there or be square!