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Oceanhood┠Focus on food safety, focus on CFAS food safety quick inspection technology

Launch:2019-08-06     browse:1314times

On July 11-12, Shanghai ruhai optoelectronics co., ltd. took part in the 8th international BBS on safety inspection technology and quality control of food and agricultural products (CFAS2019), providing solutions for rapid food safety inspection. 


  Raman spectrometer

From left to right: for example, the fourth-generation handheld Raman spectrometer, bluetooth Raman spectrometer, dual-wavelength Raman spectrometer, surface enhancement reagent

Such as sea ray electricity based on surface strengthening technology, combined with the spectral analysis technology advantages of the company, the launch of the pesticide residues, veterinary residual, fishery and rapid screening solutions, currently has 50 kinds of fast food, more than 2000 kinds of Raman spectra database, identify accurate, 5 minutes can be detected as a result, in the field of food safety rapid screening analysis provides the effective detection tools. During the exhibition, this scheme aroused great interest of experts, scholars, media and testing institutions in the field, and the scene interaction was hot.


Technical exchange site. 


Technical exchange site. 


Instrument information network, such as hai optoelectronics marketing director yan chenbin interview


As director of sales & marketing YanChenBin sea ray electricity instrument information network's interview, interview with Mr YanChenBin as sea ray electric product features, functions, etc. Carried on the thorough explanation, at the same time also expressed in the current domestic emphasis on food security, public safety environment, for quick inspection industry point of view, he points out: the domestic people's living standards continue to improve, the government on the basis of economic development is becoming more and more importance to environment, health and sustainable development, especially the development of high-tech, for the domestic development of KuaiJianYi device provides a strong policy support. For enterprises, it is more necessary to pay attention to technology research and development, program development and instrument consistency and reliability, practice internal skills, accumulate accumulated experience, rapid inspection technology in the field of food safety in a wide range of promotion is expected.


     For example, the fourth-generation Raman handheld computer of hai realized multi-purpose, software and database regular update, etc. Open source data interface protocol also opened a window of independent performance optimization for Raman spectrum researchers, and applied more innovation possibilities.


The newly developed bluetooth handheld Raman spectrometer is smaller in size and lighter in weight. It combines the three core functions of spectral instrument, collection and analysis software and spectral data management and control organically, realizing the hierarchical management of equipment management, user management and data management.


The dual-excitation wavelength handheld device is equipped with 785 and 830nm probes. For substances with strong fluorescence background, it can quickly switch to the 830nm probe for detection, to ensure the accuracy of the results, and at the same time to reduce the cost of the client to purchase two devices respectively.


At present, both the third generation RAMAN and the fourth generation RAMAN of hai optoelectronics can be upgraded to achieve the technology integration of raman-iot-dcs. It also supports Raman spectrometers with multiple wavelengths, such as 532, 633, 671, 785, 830 and 1064.