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School-enterprise cooperation opens a new chapter of scientific and technological innovation”——The joint laboratory of the Oceanhood and the school of science of Donghua university was established.

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In order to promote the development of the application and technology of domestic spectral analysis instruments, give full play to the advantages of both the university and the enterprise, and promote the introduction of spectral teaching into the classroom, close to the teaching of undergraduate and graduate students, on May 21, 2019, the Oceanhood and the school of science of Donghua university formally signed a contract to establish the university-enterprise joint laboratory in Donghua university. The general manager of Oceanhood , leaders of school of science of Donghua university and some teachers and students representatives participated in the signing ceremony.


The general manger of Oceanhood Yongai Yu(left)、Deputy dean Ding Kethe in school of science of Donghua university,(right)

  School of science of Donghua university is one of the first units in China to obtain the right to grant master's degree.The company of Oceanhood founded in 2011, which is a scientific instrument manufacturer providing spectrum devices and overall solutions for users.

For example, Mr. Yongai Yu, the founder and general manager of Oceanhood, was a graduate of the school of science of donghua university in 2000. In order to repay the education of his Alma mater, he signed an employment and internship base with the school of science of Donghua university in 2017 and participated in the guidance of three graduating students' graduation papers. In the signing ceremony, Mr. Yongai Yu, general manager of Oceanhood was formally hired by the school of science of Donghua university as an off-campus student tutor. At the same time, the two parties communicated and looked forward to further promoting the principles of spectrum teaching and spectrum innovation.


Letter of appointment of school of science, donghua university

The establishment of the joint laboratory of Oceanhood and the school of science of donghua university contributes to the cultivation of spectrum technology talents in China. Under the unstable environment of sino-us trade, the combination of domestic production, study and research will provide new impetus for domestic manufacturing and domestic innovation. The Oceanhood will further deepen the cooperation and exchanges with universities, and open the way of innovation and intelligent manufacturing, the Oceanhood united laboratory and the combination of industry, education and research. We are willing to discuss more new technologies and applications of optical fiber spectrum and Raman spectrum with predecessors and striders of universities. !


School-enterprise joint laboratory held a cooperation meeting


Representatives of teachers and students of the school of science of donghua university and management of such as hai optoelectronics took a group photo.