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Oceanhood opto-electronic is fortunate to be the interviewer of the 10th station of the

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Report source: Instrument Information Network

In order to promote the development of domestic scientific instruments, Instrument Information Network launched the “Innovation 100” project of “Domestic Scientific Instruments Soaring Action” in April 2018. Shanghai Oceanhood opto-electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was fortunate to be the 10th interviewee of “Innovation 100” Enterprise Report.

On August 14, 2018, Yan Zengxu, senior consultant of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, Guo Zhiyong, director of the exhibition department, Zhao Xin, deputy general manager of Instrument Information Network, visited the research group and came to our company in the southern part of Jinqiao Development Zone, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Office location.

Mr. Yu Yongai, the general manager of our company, warmly received a visit to the research team. Mr. Yu introduced the current development situation, market share and core products of Oceanhood opto-electronic, as well as future development directions and challenges. Discussed with the field of technology research and  innovation.

Detailed report :https://www.instrument.com.cn/news/20180831/470460.shtml

In the process of in-depth communication with the visiting research group, the general manager of our company explained the development concept of Oceanhood Opto-electronic in recent years, as well as the problems encountered in the current industry. In recent years, the market layout of Oceanhood opto-electronic will remain application-oriented. Based on the core values of cooperation and its key technologies, it will continue to increase product application in the three fields of food safety, pharmaceuticals and security.

Finally, all colleagues of Oceanhood Opto-electronic Co., Ltd. thanked Yan Zengxu, Senior Consultant of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, Guo Zhiyong, Director of Exhibition and Communication Department, and Zhao Xin, Deputy General Manager of Instrument Information Network, for their affirmation and suggestions

Oceanhood opto-electronic will continue to adhere to the quality objectives of “pursuing quality, standard management, efficient service and continuous improvement”. In the process of rapid development of international technology, we are committed to the spirit of innovation, self-improvement and integrity. In the process of developing independent technology, we listen to customers' opinions, strive for excellence, continuously innovate, and continuously meet customer needs, and ultimately realize  corporate mission of “creating value for customers”.