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2019-08-08Oceanhood┠Rapid screening solutions for fishery and veterinary drug residues(一) 2019-08-08The Oceanhood is lucky to be the 10th interview object of "innovation 100" enterprise report on instrument information network 2019-08-07School-enterprise cooperation opens a new chapter of scientific and technological innovation”——The joint laboratory of the Oceanhood and the school of science of Donghua university was established. 2019-08-07Congratulations to Oceanhood on successfully obtaining the environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification 2019-08-07Small body with large energy, Oceanhood produced new products—— H-L-EN Raman stent 2019-08-07Do you get bisphenol A when you go home for Chinese New Year‘s day

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2019-08-08Ocean丨2018 Munich Shanghai analytical biochemistry exhibition 2019-08-07Oceanhood丨Qingdao 2018 annual spectrum conference 2019-08-06Oceanhood presented at the Munich and Shanghai biochemical analysis exhibition - a wonderful review 2019-08-06The Oceanhood was invited to attend the 22nd seminar on spectral instruments 2019-08-06Oceanhood┠Shanghai Munich light expo new products debut! 2019-08-06Oceanhood┠Focus on food safety, focus on CFAS food safety quick inspection technology

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2019-08-06The general administration of market supervision is calling for methods of supplementary inspection/quick inspection

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