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USB Laser control software Laser 2.1.6 Release time: 2019-08-14
This software supports 2 operating modes, software mode and external input mode. PD self-feedback mode combined with software calibration can better meet different requirements of customers, so that the power output of the laser is more accurate and stable. Software control, that is, the upper computer application software to control the laser, set the output power, output voltage, get the current voltage, current power, factory information and other functions.
Raman measurement software Uspectral-PRO 2.1.1 Release time: 2019-08-14
Uspectral - pro is designed for Raman spectrum in spectrum, data analysis and the database management system as a whole new generation of Raman analysis, Uspectral, pro, such as the production of SEED3000 portable Raman spectrometer and laser use, software functions are divided into the following several modules: (1) transcribing modules: single acquisition continuous acquisition integration time and average number (2) spectral preprocessing methods: shear data smoothing background subtraction s