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Application of handheld Raman EVA3000Plus in rapid drug detection


The introduction

Drug abuse in China is becoming increasingly rampant, which develops into the coexistence of transit drug trafficking and domestic consumption. Drug abuse spreads to most parts of the country, and drug abuse, drug trafficking, drug breeding and drug manufacturing crimes coexist, which forms a severe challenge to China's drug control work. At present, conventional drug detection methods include thin layer chromatography, infrared spectroscopy, liquid chromatography, and the use of chromatography-mass spectrometry, etc. In recent years, more and more prominent advantages of Raman spectroscopy, began to be cited in the field of drug testing, known as a new weapon for rapid drug testing.

* various drug detection results

Meth, the stimulant methamphetamine, is known as "Ice" for its pure white crystal and crystal clear appearance. Because of its extreme toxicity, people call it "Meth". The small dose of this drug has a short exciting anti-fatigue effect, so its pills are known as "power pills". Methamphetamine is also known as methamphetamine because of its phonetic name Amphetamine or Amphetamine. In addition, methamphetamine is modified from the chemical structure of ephedrine, so it is also known as deoxyephedrine. Methamphetamine medicinal tablets, as a drug used for powder, but also liquid and pills. Methamphetamine is commonly known as "ice skating". There are many meth derivatives in the market, mainly animal synthetic extraction, plant synthetic extraction, chemical synthesis extraction. Because of different extraction pairs, the accuracy of Raman detection has a great influence.
     Ecstasy, a new type of amphetamine drug, is a derivative of methamphetamineGenerally, MDMA (3, 4-methylene dioxy methamphetamine) (common name), MDA (4, 5-methylene dioxy phenylamine), AM (phenylamine) and MAM (methamphetamine) are the main active ingredients.Ecstasy in the market is often coated with sugar, similar to the jelly bean shape is very hidden. It is very difficult for laser to penetrate because of sugar coating or starch coating.
    Heroin, a series of morphine drugs, is a semi-synthetic drug with morphine alkaloid as the starting point of synthesis, commonly known as several Numbers, white powder, white flour. It is the essence of opioid series. They generally include heroin base (diacetylmorphine), heroin salts (including dihydrochloride, nitrate, tartrate and citrate, but generally referred to as hydrochloride) and heroin salt hydrate. The international identification of heroin is only qualitatively uncertain, except the heroin content of more than 80% do believe that no. 4 heroin, generally only identified as heroin and not identified as a number of heroin, only specify the content of heroin. Much of the heroin known as iv heroin is mixed with other substances before it is traded, making it more than 90 percent pure and significantly less so by the time users use it, and the actual purity of the iv heroin popular on the black market is generally less than 50 percent. And then it's treated before it's taken, and it's injected intravenously, and it's less than five percent pure. Inhalation methods include smoking, perming, subcutaneous injection or intravenous injection. There are two kinds of heroin in the market: heroin hydrochloride and heroin alkali. Rapid detection of heroin with handheld Raman devices is extremely difficult. A number of studies have detected this with enhancement agents.


 K powder separation anesthetics, the main component of medicine known as ketamine, full name is 2-o-chlorophenyl - 2-methylaminocyclohexanone, is phenyl-piperidine (PCP) derivatives. Because its physical shape is usually white powder, and the English name of the first letter is K, so commonly known as "K" powder. It is commonly used as anaesthetic in medical practice. Ketamine handheld Raman is easy to detect quickly, but it is difficult to detect k powder mixed with other substances. My experience suggests multiple tests from different angles.
     Bath salts (commonly known as psychedelics), "bath salts" is a central nervous system stimulant, the drug can cause "extreme excitement, delirium," the user can experience paranoia, violence and unpredictable behavior. Bath salts are not a specific drug, but a collection of substances with similar chemical properties. The substances contained are methylcassidone, methylene dioxy pyrrolidone (MDPV), etc. Most "bath salts" contain either mephedrone or MDPV. Easy to have hallucinations after absorption. Common "gnawing face case" be to suck bath salt to be caused by commonly. At present, there is no bath salt database in the sea handheld machine.

Cocaine, most of which is extracted directly from coca leaves, is generally not pure. It mainly contains benzoyl methyl budding alkaloid, ecgonine, benzoylecgonine (BZE), cinnamyl cocaine, n-formaldehyde cocaine, 6-hydroxycocaine, 3,4, 5-trimethoxy cinnamyl cocaine and 3,4, 5-trimethoxy zhuo cocaine. The ester bond of cocaine is unstable, and the ester group can be broken rapidly by boiling in alkaline, strong acid or aqueous solution. The main metabolites are benzoic acid base (29-54% of the total), ecgonine methyl ester (EME, 26%~60%), and norcocaine, cocaethylene, alloxy cocaine, p-hydroxyl cocaine, 3-hydroxy-4-methoxy cocaine, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy cocaine. The chemical name of pure cocaine is 8-methyl-3 -(benzoyl oxide) -8-azocyclic [3,2,1] octane-methyl formate. Molecular formula C17H21NO4, molecular weight 303. Pure product is white crystal, odorless, slightly bitter taste and hemp, insoluble in water (1:600), soluble in chloroform (1:0.7), ether (1:3), ethanol (1:7) and other organic solvents, soluble in acetone, benzene, ethyl acetate, carbonyl disulfide, petroleum ether and other organic solvents; Monoclinic lamellar crystals are present in ethanol. The melting point is 98° (slowly volatiles after 90°), and the specific rotation is -16° (C=4, chloroform). Its hydrochloride is white crystal or crystalline powder, easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and chloroform, but insoluble in ether. The main metabolites of cocaine are benzoyl budding alkaloids and methyl budding alkaloids, which can be further hydrolyzed to form budding alkaloids (also known as egunin). Cocaine is one of the first drugs to be extracted from plants. But mixtures in the market are extremely difficult to detect. At present, cocaine is rarely seen in the market in China and distributed in Latin America and other places.

Opium, also known as opium opium, is a part of opium poppy plant capsule. It contains over 20 alkaloids, which can be divided into phenanthrene and isoquinoline. The former is morphine (about 10%) and codeine, and the latter is papaverine. Opium due to different origin, black or brown; Ammonia or stale urine smell, taste bitter, strong smell. Raw opium by boiling and fermentation, can be made into refined opium, brown or gold. It smells sweet when inhaled. Opium is a primary drug, depending on the origin, or black, or brown. It has a strong smell, like ammonia or stale urine. Generally boiled and fermented, it becomes ripe opium for people to smoke, and is made into blocks or cakes, at this time it is brown or gold, when inhaled will have a sweet smell. Currently poppy plants are often seized with Raman equipment and are not suitable for testing opium. No obvious signal was generated in multiple tests, and the background interference was too large.

The recommended configuration


Handheld Raman EVA3000Plus


Technical specifications