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Application of handheld Raman EVA3000Plus in rapid drug detection

Drug abuse in China is becoming increasingly rampant, which develops into the coexistence of transit drug trafficking and domestic consumption. Drug abuse spreads to most parts of the country, and drug abuse, drug trafficking, drug breeding and drug manuf


Application of handheld Raman EVA3000Plus in jewelry identification

With the progress of science and technology, jewelry synthesis technology has become increasingly mature. For those engaged in jewelry trading and testing, it is virtually more difficult to detect and identify the authenticity, grade and grade of jewelry.


Application of Raman spectroscopy in Archaeology

Archaeology is a science that reproduces the past. Archaeologists study the production, life and social activities of the ancients through the sites and relics left by ancient human activities. The traditional archaeological method is to search for the re


Application of Raman spectroscopy in cancer

Cancer is one of the most important diseases that threaten human health and life. Cancer may occur in all human organs. Every year around 6 million people around the world are killed by cancer. In China, about 1.5 million people die of cancer. Clinical st


Application of Raman spectroscopy in drug detection

Medicinal safety is closely related to people's lives. Although the state is strict in the detection and control of drugs, there are still many counterfeit medicinal, generic medicinal and serious threats to people's health in the market. Therefore, a rap


Application of Raman spectroscopy in the field of material characterization and detection

With the development of science and technology, people are demanding more and more materials. Improving existing materials and preparing new high-performance materials have become the main tasks of scientists. Therefore, advanced research and testing meth


Application of Raman spectroscopy in meat quality detection

Raman spectroscopy as a novel spectroscopic detection technology has been widely used in the analysis of physical and chemical structure of materials. This technique can be used to detect meat quickly and nondestructively. It is one of the techniques of m


Application of Raman spectroscopy in forensic science

In all kinds of economic cases and economic disputes, the perpetrators often use ink or ink to forge documents in order to escape the crime and tamper with the facts, so the detection of ink and ink is particularly important. In recent years, drug abuse,


Application of Raman spectroscopy in plastics industry

Plastic products widely exist in our lives. Plastic materials used for food packaging are closely related to people's health. Therefore, the detection and classification of plastics is particularly important. According to the relevant national standards,

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